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Confessions of underlying presuppositions:

God is righteous and holy.  God is the definition of righteousness and holiness.  God is love; God is peace; God is one.  Love is the opposite of hate; peace is the opposite of disorder or chaos; unity is the opposite of division and separation.  God is about mercy, grace, forgiveness, redemption, and reconciliation. 

God is the creator of all things - the heavens above the earth, all physical elements of the earth, and all things under the earth.  Everything created was called by God to be "good" or "very good," but was not yet called "perfect."  The righteousness, holiness, love, peace, and unity of God can be seen in everything He has made.  Everything in the universe submits to the authority of God, the creator.  All of the natural creation speaks forth the praises of God in how everything was made.  Christ holds all things together. 

God is the author of our salvation according to His plan and design predestined before the creation of the world.  We are to be like God in true righteousness and holiness -- and that is the most important and fundamental law in the universe to which everything in all of creation submits.   It is the Unified Field Law of Everything.  It is why the world as we know it was made; it is why we have been made and what we are to be about; it is why Jesus came to earth, died, and rose again; it is the fulfillment of the Promise of the Father designed before time began; it is why the power of God through the Holy Spirit was sent on Pentecost; it is the Prime Directive for the church (anything else is idolatry); it is our witness to the world of the love of the Father; it is the preparation for our destiny with God throughout eternity.

We propose that the "Unified Law" provides an explanation for the integration of the spiritual and physical realms, the revelation of God in scripture and through Christ and scientific physical observations and knowledge, and what the church is supposed to be doing today.  In this proposal, there are three phases, or ages, or periods of evolution, or change - (1) the physical age from the beginning of creation (big bang) to the physical maturation of a human into which God could place His breath of life; (2) the social/religious evolution from the Garden of Eden to the coming of Christ, death, resurrection, and ascension of Christ; (3) the age of spiritual evolution -- the fulfillment of the Promise of the Father by the arrival of the Holy Spirit poured into the hearts of all people on the Day of Pentecost.

When we were born from out of above as the New Creation, we were given the Gift of the Holy Spirit, which is the spiritual DNA of God, the same genes that Jesus Christ had on this earth.  We allow the Holy Spirit to express these genes into the phenotype of Jesus Christ when we take off the old sins and put on Christ.  This is renewal of the mind, transformation into the likeness of God by glory to glory, sanctification by the Holy Spirit, and gradually filled from the inside out by the Holy Spirit.  By this means we grow to become more like God in true righteousness and holiness.  The church is to build itself up in love as each part does its work until all reach maturity, unity, and the full knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

There is nothing more important.  When the body of Christ divides over issues, private interpretations, traditions, different cultures, jealousy, competitive spirit, envy, pride or anything else - it is placing its sinful nature above the Prime Directive given by God and the church is in idolatry and is subjecting itself to the discipline of God. 

There is nothing that exists in the spiritual or physical realm that does not testify of the Creator.  There is no rebellion in the creation against God, except that which occurs by the choice of man -- the one component of creation that God made in His own image.  Man has been given the right of choice, to either choose the way to the tree of life or to choose the path to destruction.  The first choice was made in the Garden of Eden when the force of evil appeared on the scene. 

There are no inconsistencies between the revealed word of God, the Bible, and the revealed word of God as the creation was spoken into existence.  The physical universe points to God, the spiritual realm points to God, the logos Word gives the nature of God which was completely revealed through the coming of Christ Jesus and the infilling of the power of the Holy Spirit.

Any apparent inconsistencies in the revelation of God in the Word, by the Holy Spirit, or in the physical universe come from man's inadequate understanding and knowledge of God.  That is why we must continue to search for the truth.  The truth about God can be found by studying the scriptures, by praying for wisdom and revelation, and by studying all the intricacies of the physical realm.  Those who study the physical world and conclude there is no God speak from assumptions from incomplete knowledge, and they need to keep searching to find more data and more observations until a relationship to God can be seen.  Those who study the scriptures and interpret them in their limited backgrounds and presuppositions and who say that scientific evidence is false because it "conflicts" with what God said, that there cannot be any evolution of any species because God had to have created everything in six 24-hour days with our same time frame, that the earth cannot be 4.5 billion years old because it must be only 6000 years old, that the universe couldn't have started with a "big bang" because Genesis doesn't use those words speak without reality or wisdom, and they need to keep searching and praying for understanding of the scripture until a consistency between all of God's revelation can be seen.

The church, the body of Christ, the kingdom of God on earth is to show to the world what love, peace, and unity means in action, so that the love of God through Jesus Christ can be seen.  The church is to fulfill the anointing of Jesus Christ (Luke 4:18-19) and has the responsibility to carry this message of glory and healing and freedom, including the freedom for those under both spiritual and physical oppression, and to correct all injustice in the entire world.  The church is to show the manifold wisdom of the eternal plan of God to the world and to the authorities in the heavenly realms.

The gates of Hell cannot withstand an assault by the church that Jesus died for and empowered with the Holy Spirit dwelling within.  But these gates will not even be challenged if the church cannot mount an assault.  The church cannot do any of this while divided from internal disunity and chaos.  The church over the ages has survived external attacks from ungodly leaders of men and rulers of governments, but today the Holy Spirit power within the church is being slowly eroded as the church adopts more of the values and conduct of the world, displays more subtleties of humanistic thinking, and shows more interest in self-endowment and self-perpetuation than in sacrifice.  The church shows signs of removing itself away from the cross of Jesus Christ and crucifying the gospel instead so the church can become friends with the world standing around the cross and gawking at the scene.

The extent to which the church follows the natural way of the world is the extent to which the church subjects itself to the laws of the physical realm.  Sowing to the Spirit reaps life; sowing to the flesh reaps destruction.  In the physical realm, ruled by the laws of thermodynamics, "destruction" can be equated with "entropy."  The universe was created to run by cycles - everything from the entire expanse of time and space operates according to cycles - from the entire universe and celestial mechanics to the strings of energy and quantum mechanics -- all operate by cycles.  All cycles that exist operate in a coordinated fashion with periodicities from the most infinitesimal instant of time to the 13.6 billion years of the existence of the universe.  God created it that way.  Life cycles, group cycles, economic cycles, sociological cycles, cultural cycles, organizational cycles - everything cycles under the physical laws of the universe and their own physical energy builds and wanes.  But, God has made a power available to His church that is from outside this physical realm and that is not subject to physical law, just as He is not subject.  The church can choose to follow the guidance of the Spirit to life, or the church can choose to follow the ways of the world and reap the same consequences as the world.  The church, the worldly systems, and human societies can cycle together as they all follow the path of the flesh.  The church in the United States is increasingly reaping what it is sowing together with the American society -- to the extent that both follow the path of entropy which leads to death of the organism.

The church is what Jesus died for; the church operates on the authority of the name of Jesus; the church glorifies God by showing on earth what the kingdom of God in heaven looks like; the church, consisting of the members of the body of Christ, is growing into the full knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ; who fills everything in every way.  The church can do these things only if it operates by the power cycle of the love of God, the peace of Christ, and the unity of the Spirit.  The church is a living organism.  Jesus did not die to establish a humanly defined and managed organization.

The church grows into the fullness of Christ as the members of the body grow to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.  This complementary and symbiotic relationship is mandatory.  Unity builds in love by power; division destroys by chaos and disorder.  Uniformity is powerless, power potential is in diversity.  Power is released by unity, which is diversity that is focused on the same thing.  The different gifts (offices) that work together in unity build the church up in love and into the fullness of the Lord Jesus Christ (Eph. 4:13).  A diversity of gifts that compete and fight with each other produces chaos and disorder and accomplishes nothing. 

The above discussion gives the premise and direction for this blog and the companion web site "in the image of the creator."  We hope to explore as much of the universe and the scripture as time on this earth and remaining health and brain function permit, believing that all knowledge illuminated by the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit will direct our path of understanding to the truth of the revelation of God, who created us to become like Him in true righteousness and holiness (Eph. 4:24).

To God be the glory; great things He has done.